Our Mission

We address the need of the growing mental problems that teenagers in America and all around the world are facing. Many people do not understand why teenagers are predisposed to mood swings, or why some simple negative comments can have such a huge effect on them. We want to spread awareness about the developing teenage brain and explain some of the causes of mental health failures

Who we are

Our Teen Brains is an organization whose mission is to spread awareness about the developing teenage brain and to illustrate how the critical time period of adolescence leaves individuals more susceptible to peer influences and pressures. Our goal is to illustrate that the emotional and mental challenges teenagers go through is a normal part of development, and by understanding the changes that the brain goes through, individuals will be more equipped to handle the complications that emerge during these years.

Why learn about teen brains?

We, teenagers should learn about our constantly changing brain because it’s empowering for young people to know and understand more about why they might be feeling a certain way and more adequate steps may be taken to correct the mental challenges we may feel. Also, by understanding why our brain is so fragile at this moment, teenagers may be able to understand why everything that we do at this age will affect our future and this may motivate ourselves to question before we perform a risk or an activity which we may regret in the future.

Our research and presentations

We provide free workshops and presentations to various high school students, both at their high schools and various youth organizations. We also spread awareness about mental disorders, such as depression, which especially affect teenagers as we work to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health. We invite students as well as specialists like neuroscientists, psychologists, pediatricians and other experts who either are knowledgeable about the teenage brain or interact with teens on a daily basis to share and the audience to learn from experts.


Monday – Saturday
Morning, Afternoon or Evening