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How Does Coronavirus Affect the Brain?

With the coronavirus has taken over the world causing mass lockdowns and completely uprooting our way of life, many of us know someone close to us who has been infected with the virus.

Even with over 2 million cases globally, doctors and scientists are still tracking the path that the coronavirus takes down the human body. Typically, the coronavirus is inhaled by an individual, and the virus looks for cells abundant in a receptor by the name of  angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2).

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Get Some Exercise: A Way to Lower Depression and Stay Healthy

Many of us teenagers love to spend our free time using our phones, or playing on our gaming consoles, or watching videos on youtube (myself included). And that’s great; these are all incredible ways to de-stress after a long day. But oftentimes, the problem occurs when these take over all of our free time (i.e. […]

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