If you a teen, you should learn about your constantly changing brain because it is empowering to understand how your teen brain works and why you might be feeling a certain way.

Join us and help us share our presentations to various High Schools and youth forums all over the world!

Join us if you like to learn about our brain and about neurosciences in general. Whether it is about learning about the brain anatomy and brain construct or about the neuroscience research.

Join us if you like to learn and talk with specialists in this field or authors who have published articles about Teen Brains.

If you are a parent or a school counselor, join us too as our talk and presentations are also geared for the caretakers of teens. We share details of why us teens behave like we do and what ways of interaction may help.

Join us if you are participating in Brain Bees and would like to participate in fun jeopardies and learning sessions.

So, join our free community, if you are a teen or an adult, to help us in our mission to address the need of the growing mental problems that teenagers in America and all around the world!